What are your suggestions for being learner-centric at all times?

July 27, 2011

While developing eLearning courses, we  think of content flows, interactivities, assessments, and everything else that goes into making an instructionally sound course. What about the learner? Are you aware of your target audience? What are things you need to focus on about your learners?

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What is the one point you bear in mind during a brainstorming session?

March 16, 2010

Many brainstorming sessions deal with a particular problem where fresh ideas are needed. It can take place in groups of four to seven or ten. Some rules to follow for healthy brainstorming session are:

Avoid passing judgment on others’ ideas.

  • The whole idea of the session is to think differently.
  • Catch on to an idea, improve, modify or build around it.
  • Quantity is more important than quality.

What rules do you follow to make the brainstorming process simple and effective?

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