Between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, which type does the learner gets more influenced?

Motivation can be defined as a driving force that guides the steps of an individual in a particular direction. This is the reason for the accomplishment of the greatest inventions in the world. It is behind all our endeavors, major or minor. However, the source and the degree of motivation differ. Depending on these two aspects, the intensity of our effort to achieve our set objective varies. Motivation comes in many forms and directions.

You push yourself to finish a task because at the end of it you will get a reward; or perhaps you get punished in case you fail to do so in a specific time period; or because you love doing it or the prestige that is attached to its accomplishment. All these are different types of motivation. The former two are termed as external motivation and the latter internal motivation.

As for learners, which is more influential? Who motivates learning: trainer or learner?

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