Can building a burning desire help achieve our goals?

In my readings about the secrets of success, more often than not, I come across a message that reads: “Losers are not those who fail but those who do not bounce back after a failure.” Failures are bound to come by in our day-to-day endeavors. What, in fact, propels us forward, in spite of repeated failures, is the ‘desire’ to succeed. If we fail to ignite this small fire in our hearts, then our spirit to succeed wanes faster with each failure that comes our way.

With failures, you tend to breed negativism. Negative feelings yield adverse results. The longer you think negatively, the deeper you get addicted to it. And it tends to get worse if you happen to fail frequently. A cloud of gloom cripples your imagination and you see no way out. Eventually, you will give up. Right? Then, how does one keep oneself moving ahead regardless of the number of failures one has experienced? I think, by letting the desire to succeed blossom in your heart. Then, how does one do that?

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